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It was 20 years ago today…

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Is It Worth It?

Which Classes Should I Take?

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50 Ways To Spend Your Summer

Summer Stuff To Do That Counts As College Cred

3 Myths About Summer Planning

Collegewise Alumni: The Road to Empowerment

So Much Room For Activities

Collegewise Alumni: Going Out East

If You Can't Control It, Let It Go

Who Do You Surround Yourself With?

Applying To College With A Learning Disability

Determining Your Learning Style

How To Interact With Your College Admissions Officer

"My School Counselor Doesn’t Even Know My Name!"

What’s Going Through the Mind of an Admissions Counselor?

Ideas for Your Next Meeting with Your School Counselor

How Many Will You Attend?

Smarter, Saner College Admissions Reading: Recommendations That Won't Give You More Gray Hair

Debunking Myths about Women's Colleges

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

NBC’s The Voice Shows You How to Get into the Ivy League

Want Better Grades? Try Daily Maintenance.

Someone in Your Corner

The Best Questions to Ask on College Visits

Keep the Collegiate Faith

Five Essay Clichés to Avoid

The Freedom of College

Three Dos and Don'ts for Campus Visits

What Colleges Say, and What Students Hear

Unfinished College Applications

When the Talk Turns Towards College

Do College Rankings Actually Matter?

Five Questions for Your College Interviewer

Three Tips for Acing Your College Interview

Job, career, or calling?

One Story, Three Essays

Feeling Lonely in College? You're Not Alone.


Cracking the Supplemental Essay

Who Should Edit My College Essay?

Is Your College Essay Ready to Submit?

Q&A: Community Service and College Admissions

Early Action v. Early Decision

Q&A: Subject Tests “recommended”?

Welcome to Collegewise (on YouTube)!

Inside the Admissions Office at Tufts, NYU, and Georgia Tech

When to Send Test Scores

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So Much Room for Activities

Building a Balanced College List

Standing out Starts at Home

What Happens to Valedictorians?

Are some SAT/ACT dates harder than others?

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Politics in College Essays?

What If Your School Limits APs?

Five Ways You Can Still Improve Your Admissions Chances

Should Parents or Kids Pay for College?

The 10-4 Customer Service Rule

Advice for Bad Test-Takers

Do You Have the Discipline for More Sleep?

Five Things that Don't Impress Colleges

Is a Personal Struggle an Appropriate Essay Topic?

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