Meet Our Expert Tutors

Collegewise maintains a 2.3% hiring rate for tutors. A lower acceptance rate than Harvard University.

Annie Wang

Collegewise Tutor, Princeton University


Annie graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering. She worked as a technician at Rutgers University.

Annie specializes in SAT and ACT, AP Biology, Chemistry, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and AP Calculus-AB tutoring.


Annie is available to support students online and at our Bernardsville and Berkeley Heights, New Jersey locations.

Arpit Patel

Collegewise Tutor, Rutgers University



Arpit earned a dual B.S. degree in Biological Sciences and Chemistry from Rutgers. Arpit also explored bacterial photosynthesis research and was formerly in EMS. 

Arpit specializes in ACT Math/Science, SAT Math, GRE/GMAT Math, MCAT, AP Biology, AP Chemistry & Physics, and additional STEM subject tutoring and works with students online and at our Berkeley Heights, New Jersey location.

Betty Emili

Collegewise Tutor, San Pedro Nolasco University in Argentina


For more than three decades, Betty teaches high school mathematics—everything from Pre-Algebra to Calculus and Statistics.


While earning her B.S. in Mathematics and Secondary Education, she developed a math curriculum for high school and adult education.


Betty specializes in SAT/ACT Math/Science and Math Curriculum, including Statistics and Calculus. Betty works with students online and at our Berkeley Heights, New Jersey location.

Bob Kupelian

Collegewise Tutor, Rutgers University


When working with students, Bob often returns to the saying, “Chance favors the prepared mind,” as he is dedicated to readying them for their futures and helping them succeed.


Bob earned his BA in History and minor in Literature before earning his master's in European History.


Bob specializes in SAT/ACT Verbal, US History, European History, and Writing. Bob works with students online and at our Berkeley Heights, New Jersey location.

Dave Benco

Collegewise Tutor, Illinois Institute of Technology


Dave hails from Illinois but re-located to New Jersey ten years ago. He received BSEE & MSEE degrees from Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from Northwestern University. His day job involves data science, computer programming, and cloud computing. He has helped hundreds of people learn new things, often as a tutor, sometimes as a classroom teacher or fellow student or co-worker or coach. Dave is a lifelong learner who considers it a privilege to share knowledge and experience with others, and he believes anyone with a desire to learn can learn. He is an avid reader and enjoys nature by volunteering for and coordinating "hands-on" outdoor projects (tree-trimming, fence-building, mulching, planting, etc.) at his local arboretum. He is a student of tennis and golf, intrigued by both the physical and self-reliant mental aspects of both sports.

Dave's testing and curricula specializations are ACT/SAT (all subject areas), Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calc, Calculus, Statistics, and Physics. Dave works with students online and in-person at our Berkeley Heights, New Jersey location.

Daniel Enge

Collegewise Tutor, University of Oklahoma


Daniel loves to learn (and help others do the same!), as evidenced by his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma: chemical engineering with triple minors in mathematics, chemistry, and African and African-American studies.


Over the years, Daniel has worked with hundreds of students and loves when they are able to draw connections among concepts they've learned without his prompting. When he's not working full-time as an engineer with a semiconductor company, he enjoys browsing social media, including the ever-present TikTok. 


Daniel is based in Austin and is also available for online tutoring in ACT/SAT (all subjects), Algebra 1 and 2, Precalculus, Geometry, AP Calculus AB/BC, and AP Chemistry.

Don Gehan

Collegewise Tutor, Boston College


Don teaches test prep for all of the required sections of both the ACT and SAT, and he offers tutoring for all levels of math and statistics. He has a master’s in Statistics from Rutgers and a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Boston College. A native of NJ, Don now works as a Biostatistician in the Emergency Department at West Virginia University Medical Center.


Don specializes in SAT/ACT Math and Verbal, and Curriculum Math. Don offers online tutoring options only. 

Erik Brugamyer

Collegewise Tutor, University of Texas-Austin


Erik’s base of operations is in Collegewise’s Austin office. He studied at The University of Texas at Austin, where he double-majored in Physics (B.S.) and Astronomy (B.A., with a minor in German). Erik matriculated into the Astronomy Ph.D. program at UT - Austin and completed the degree in 2014.


He also received a graduate degree in accounting and worked in Chicago, IL, with one of the world's largest international public accounting firms. In addition, Erik has scored in the 99th % on his SAT/ACT math and science portions.


Erik specializes in SAT/ACT math, science, curriculum math, and physics. Erik offers online tutoring and in-person sessions at our Austin, Texas, location. 

Ernesto Ruiz

Collegewise Tutor, Northeastern University


Ernesto is our resident engineer, currently finishing his master's in Bioengineering at Northeastern University, where he also earned his undergraduate degree in the same subject. The focus of his studies is medical devices, since he looks to help others through his love of creating and designing. When he's not in school, you can find him shuffling cards, juggling a soccer ball, or working out.


Ernesto enjoys helping his family members with mathematics and looks to share that knowledge with other students, too. A New Jersey native, he is in Boston during the academic year, and wherever he is, he maintains an extensive database tracking and reviewing all the books he's read and movies he's seen. 


Ernesto is available online as a Success Skills mentor and offers to tutor for ACT/SAT; AP subjects including Calc AB & BC, Physics 1 & 2, Biology, and general Chemistry. 

Gustavo Verzbickis

Collegewise Tutor, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo


Gustavo loves to help his students experience the Hispanic language and culture. He is originally from Argentina, where he graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, and was a professor of Hispanic Language and Literature. He currently teaches AP Spanish, Spanish 4, and Spanish as a second language at Abraham Clark High School.


Gustavo specializes in the Spanish curriculum, AP Spanish, and Spanish subject test. Gustavo offers tutoring support online and at our Berkeley Heights, New Jersey location. 

Irving Bustos

Collegewise Tutor,
California State University, Long Beach


Irving Bustos graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a BA in Creative Writing and Literature. By day, he works with K-12 students in the private sector, helping them to improve their academics in Math, English, and everything in between. 


Irving considers himself lucky to have been able to assist hundreds of students over the years. Irving writes poetry and has read it live, speaks Spanish and Italian, and enjoys going to live concerts and shows.


Based out of our Newport Beach office, Irving teaches ACT/SAT prep (all subjects), and anything related to reading/writing (high school English through AP). He is also available remotely. 


Jon Tarella

Collegewise Tutor, Rutgers University


Since Halloween 2007 (yes, that really was his first day), Jon has tutored hundreds of high school students privately and at learning centers in both group and individual settings. Earlier that year, he completed his B.S. in Applied Physics from Rutgers University, graduating with the highest honors.


Jon specializes in GRE Math, SAT/ACT Math/Science, Physics (Regular; Honors; AP 1, 2, C - Mechanics, and C - Electricity and Magnetism), Chemistry (Regular; Honors; AP), Math (All high school courses; Calculus I-III; Differential Equations, Linear Algebra), and Statistics.


Jon offers tutoring online and at our Bernardsville, New Jersey location. 

Katie Avagliano

Collegewise Tutor, American University


Katie is one of the strongest writing and verbal instructors within Collegewise. She is equally adept at the SAT, ACT, AP English, and remedial writing instruction. With an MFA in Creative Writing from American University, Katie can diagnose and fix problems with student essays after twenty-second skims and a minute-long conversation.


She has also served as an adjunct professor at local colleges, teaching writing.


Katie specializes in SAT/ACT English-Reading-Writing, AP English, Success Skills, and remedial writing instruction. Katie's tutoring is conducted solely online.

Masaru (Masa) Nakajima

Collegewise Tutor, University of Saskatchewan


Masa enjoys sharing his love of Physics with one and all and is an expert on the SAT Math section. Masa earned his Master of Science degree in Physics from the University of Saskatchewan, where he swears that the laws of thermodynamics still applied, even during the frigid Canadian winters. Nowadays, Masa is a full-time Ph.D. student.


Masa specializes in any level of Physics, SAT Math, ACT Math/Science, and Japanese. Masa conducts tutoring classes at our Irvine office.


Michael Cohen

Collegewise Tutor, Temple University


Michael instructed at Temple University in PA, where he earned his master's degree and continues his doctoral studies in Religion. At the undergraduate level, he studied History and Philosophy at the University of Delaware.


Michael has seen hundreds of students pass through his classrooms and has tutored over 500 hours with private students. 


Michael specializes in LSAT, SAT/ACT (all subjects), ISEE/SSAT, AP US History, AP World History, AP Language, AP Econ (macro & micro), AP Government, AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, and Student Success Skills.


Michael offers tutoring online and at our Berkeley Heights, New Jersey location. 




Michal Goldstein

Director of Instruction, Brandeis University


Michal Goldstein moved to Austin, Texas, on August 1st, 2009, and taught his first SAT and GRE courses on August 2nd. Since then, Michal founded his own test preparation company, wrote his own curricula, and has continued to be one of the only full-time test preparation instructors in Texas. He has helped thousands of students meet, exceeds their testing goals, and takes every test he teaches. 


Michal received his B.A. from Brandeis University (English and Psychology) and his M.A. in Comparative Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Michal is a St. Edward's University and Austin Community College faculty member. As Director of Tutoring at Collegewise, he is passionate about helping students.


Michal specializes in SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, English, Mathematics (through early pre-calculus), Hebrew, Psychology, and foundational French.

Michael offers tutoring support online and in our Austin location. 

Nicole Guardado

Collegewise Tutor, Montclair State University


Nicole believes that she’s in this world for two reasons and two reasons alone  to love and to learn. She’s taken the latter very seriously, graduating at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA from Montclair State University. With a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, a minor in LGBTQ+ studies, and a collection of english, religion, and sociology courses taken “just for fun,” Nicole strives to use all that she’s gained from higher education to champion social progress.


She plans to devote her life to this by earning a Master’s degree in counseling, but, until then, Nicole is working full time as a behavioral and academic aide for students with disabilities. She continues to pursue her goals by tutoring with Collegewise and hopes to impart some of her passion for learning along the way. Nicole spends the rest of her free time with a pair of headphones on, moving through life to a soundtrack all her own.


Nicole is based out of the Berkeley Heights, NJ office and is available for virtual tutoring, too. She coaches students in ACT/SAT (English, Reading/Writing), success skills, and academic English and writing.

Miranda Alamilla

Collegewise Tutor, American University


Miranda is currently based in San Antonio, Texas, and completed her undergraduate major in International and Global Studies with a concentration in Latin American Politics at St. Mary's University (also in San Antonio). More recently, she completed her master's degree in Foreign Policy and National Security at American University in Washington D.C. 


Miranda has worked with dozens of students over the years and recalls fondly when a student who was struggling with writing worked with her and then had his persuasive piece recognized by his teacher as an outstanding essay example! When Miranda is not working with kids, she enjoys playing with her dogs, Rocky and Ghost. She is also a foodie and adores homemade pasta. 


Miranda is available in San Antonio and online to tutor students in Success Skills, ACT/SAT-all subjects, Spanish, History, English, and Writing. 

Nancy Ciabattari

Collegewise Tutor, Brown University


As a tutor, Nancy aspires to impart both knowledge and joy. She teaches to a student’s individual learning style with the goal of empowerment. At Brown University, Nancy earned master’s degrees in English/Creative Writing and Slavic/Comparative Literature. She also has a B.A. in English and Political Science from Boston College with a subfield in Art History and a second B.A. in Russian from Rutgers.


Our resident bard, she has published a literary study guide and is currently completing a poetry collection. 


Nancy specializes in SAT/ACT/GRE Verbal, Literature, Writing, Reading, Critical Thinking, and Success Skills. Nancy offers tutoring support solely online. 

Nathaniel Batlle

Collegewise Tutor, Thomas Edison State University


Nathaniel is a software engineer by day and a secret singer by night. In his own words, he took a long and very scenic route through college, including a spell at the U.S. Naval Academy and several semesters at various community colleges.


Along the way, Nathaniel has tutored hundreds of students and studied history, music, and mathematics extensively. 


Nathaniel completed his B.A. in Liberal Studies from Thomas Edison State University in New Jersey. He now enjoys helping students progress from "I hate math" to "Wait, that's so cool!" He is also currently based out of Austin, Texas, and offers online and in-person tutoring for all areas of the ACT and SAT, as well as high school math through PreCalculus, and Spanish. 

Pat Saia

Collegewise Tutor, UC-San Diego


Pat has moved over 15 times and now calls California home. She earned her BS in Bioengineering from UC-San Diego. She is a math tutor by day and a multi-subject tutor by night. Having tutored hundreds of students over the years, Pat enjoys seeing her students when they come to visit her after they’ve graduated. A talented quilter, Pat enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, and sewing.  


Pat is available to meet with students in-person in our Newport Beach, CA office and teaches ACT/SAT (all subjects) and most high school math.  

Patricia Hatcher

Collegewise Tutor, The College of William & Mary


Patricia Hatcher hails from NYC, where she’s resided, studied, and worked in a variety of settings, including at one of the largest test prep organizations. Patricia brings a love of Classics (Greek and Latin, that is) and mentoring to her role. A lifelong learner herself, Patricia is pursuing a PhD in Classics at the CUNY Graduate Center and focuses on myth, monsters, and material culture. This is after she earned a MA in Theology from Union Theological Seminary in NY and an undergraduate degree from the College of William & Mary in VA. Patricia has worked with thousands of students in her two-plus decades of instruction, and she continues to teach as part of her PhD program. While Patricia isn’t endeavoring to turn her home into a Wunderkammer (we had to look that up, too: it’s a “room of wonders/curiosities”), she enjoys playing pool, spending time with her dogs, and eating nachos.

Patricia is available remotely to tutor ACT/SAT (all subjects), SHSAT, Success Skills, Ancient Greek, Latin (through AP), Ancient Mediterranean history, and GRE

Sabina Molander

Collegewise Tutor, Washington University


Sabina speaks, writes, reads, dreams, and cooks in Spanish. A native of Argentina, she graduated from Washington University with an M.S. in Social Work. As a native Spanish speaker, she has developed a Spanish curriculum and trained Spanish teachers. 

Sabina specializes in Spanish, Success Skills, and TOEFL. Sabina provides tutoring support online and our Bernardsville, New Jersey location. 

Shelbi Polk

Collegewise Tutor, Texas A&M University



Shelbi is based in North Carolina, where she is a freelance writer and lover of the French language.


She graduated from Texas A&M, where she double majored in Literature and International Relations and minored in French. Shelbi began tutoring as a teenager, coaching her brother. Shelbi offers tutoring support solely online. 


Shelbi specializes in ACT/SAT Verbal, Writing, and French.

Sidd Prasad

Collegewise Tutor, Rice University


Sidd has tutored for over 800 hours and loves helping kids prepare for the ACT and SAT. He earned a degree in Biological Sciences from Rice University and later completed his master's degree in Special Education—specializing in autism—at the University of Texas while working as a behavior therapist for young children. Currently, Sidd is a  a medical student at UT Health San Antonio.


Sidd specializes in SAT, ACT, MCAT, Algebra 1, 2, Pre-calc., Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and study skills. Sidd offers tutoring support solely online. 

Stefanie Toye

Dean of Tutoring, The University of Virginia


Before joining Collegewise, Stefanie worked at Rutgers University, earning a master’s degree in Literacy Education. She is now pursuing an Executive MBA. For her undergraduate studies, she attended the University of Virginia. After that, she worked at a large test prep company in its New Jersey and New York offices. 

Stefanie has helped coach thousands of students towards their goal test scores or higher achievement in grades. Stefanie takes on a limited number of students online and at our Bernardsville and Berkeley Heights, New Jersey locations. 

Steve Hiel

Collegewise Tutor, Duke University


Steve's specialty is helping students with the verbal portion of the SAT or ACT, where he scored in the 99th percentile. Prior to tutoring, Steve received his B.A. from Duke University.

Steve provides a patient and calm approach to SAT & ACT verbal, study skills, and ISEE/SAT tutoring. Steve offers tutoring support online and at our Berkeley Heights, New Jersey location. 

Tanner Reive

Collegewise Tutor, University of Colorado Boulder


Tanner is our first and only full-time tutor. He has been with Collegewise for over 4 years and has taught hundreds of students, totaling over 5,000 tutoring hours. This experience has shown him that the more comfortable a student feels, the more they learn and retain. For this reason, he sees it as his first job to be open, understanding, and supportive of his students. 


Tanner has lived, worked, and learned on both coasts, as well as in his current home of Colorado. He has wide-ranging experience with curriculum and testing in different regions: from the California integrated math system to the east coast private school entrance exams. He tailors his sessions not only to the students’ individual needs and personalities, but also to the areas in which they live. Tanner earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder and is currently pursuing an MA/PhD in Teaching Mathematics at Harvard Extension School.


Tanner specializes in SAT/ACT all sections, GRE all sections, SSAT/ISEE/HSPT, AP Psychology, Algebra I/II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and study skills. Tanner offers only online tutoring.

Walter Buhro

Collegewise Tutor, Washington University St. Louis


Walter is a master of many trades: he practices martial arts, cooks, studies Japanese and German, and is a self-proclaimed early bird.


In addition to his Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills, Walter possesses profound STEM knowledge as a physics and environmental science teacher at a New Jersey high school. Walter earned his master's in Physics at Michigan State University.


Walter offers online tutoring and he specializes in SAT/ACT (All subjects), GRE, SSAT/ISEE,  most high school maths, Physics (all levels), and Environmental Science.


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Muaaz got 1570/1600 on the SAT. We are thrilled to see his scores. We are very proud of his hard work and dedication. We'd also like to thank you for your help and guidance. Collegewise made it easy for Muaaz to prepare for the test, and get comfortable with it."

I can't thank Collegewise enough for all the help they gave me throughout our sessions. The feedback was super helpful, and I got a 36 on my ACT, which I'm ecstatic about. I truly could not have done it."


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Our Philosophy is Built on Strategy, Not Tricks

When helping students prepare for an exam, we focus on strategy and content, whereas other organizations focus solely on the “tricks” of the test.

We don’t just “teach to the test” even when we are teaching straight to an exam. The skills we build help students excel in their standardized tests and academic courses.

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For students that are enrolled in one of our counseling programs in addition to tutoring and test prep, they will have access to a mountain of shared resources that will help them nail every application component. 

Our experts regularly communicate with one another to ensure they are providing families with the best support.

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Collegewise maintains an average ACT score increase of 4+ points across all test sections and an average SAT score increase of 110+ points. 

Collegewise is truly able to 'talk the talk, walk the walk' thanks to the dedication of every tutor we pair our students with. We embrace our work and fundamentally believe in student success!

Frequently Asked Questions

We may be tutors, but many of us are parents first, and sometimes you have to ask a few additional qualifying questions before making the right choice. 

Does Collegewise offer in-person tutoring?

Yes! Along with our online sessions, Collegewise offers in-person tutoring at our office locations in Bernardsville & Berkeley Heights/NJ, Austin/TX, and Irvine/CA.

Collegewise has developed a robust learning experience for our remote students that provides the same feel and personalization as our on-site tutoring but from the comfort of your home.


What grades does Collegewise support?

Collegewise supports students from grades 7 to 12. Tutors also support college students studying for the GRE and LSAT.

How are tutoring sessions conducted?

Tutoring sessions are offered as one-on-one sessions, small group courses (3-10 per class), and mini 90-minute lessons for students with busy schedules. 


What is the hiring process for Collegewise tutors?

Our tutors undergo a two-series interview before putting their knowledge to the test. Each applicant is required to test for the ACT and SAT to determine if they score in the 95th percentile or higher. Selected candidates go through an in-depth training process before working with students.

Are Collegewise tutors experienced in working with students with learning disabilities?

Our tutors have extensive experience supporting students with diagnosed learning disabilities who may or may not be receiving accommodations. To ensure we are taking every measure to support the learning and development of every student, we discuss LDs and accommodations as part of our tutor training.