Understanding Early College Application Deadlines:

An expert analysis of the admission trends and potential benefits of Early Action and Early Decision

The ever-changing nature of the college admissions process has many families feeling overwhelmed and left with unanswered questions. Turn confusion into clarity with our study on early college application deadlines and how admissions trends, yield rates, and the right strategy can pave successful pathways for families.

What's Included?

Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision, and Single-Choice Early Action—oh my! With so many deadlines to consider, how can families identify the best avenue for them? Receive answers to all your questions with our expertly crafted white paper.

This guide will include:



The differences and similarities between Early Action and Early Decision college application deadlines.


A deep-dive into admissions trends and yield rates - broken down by college - since 2010, and how these changes can impact the evaluation process and future applicants.


A comprehensive look at why early college application deadlines matter and how families can use this information to improve their acceptance chances.
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