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How to Succeed in High SchoolHow to Write Like a Pro in High SchoolHow to Conquer PreCalc • How to Prep for PhysicsHow to Read Like a Pro in High SchoolHow to Think Critically and Succeed in College ACT/SAT Class and Private Tutoring Package Individual Tutoring

How to Succeed in High School

Students will discuss active listening, note-taking, and critical thinking techniques. They will learn how to stay organized using technology—as well as how to tame technology. To this end, students will complete self-assessment exercises about learning styles, time management, and study habits. This will help them determine how they learn best and where they may need to improve. Specific strategies for succeeding in different core subjects—English, math, history, and science—will be discussed. 

This class is geared toward rising 9th grade students who need help staying organized and managing time. It’s also appropriate for students who are entering high school and simply want to be prepared to do their best. This course includes 10 hours of small online class instruction. 

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How to Write Like a Pro in High School

Students will be able to write grammatically sound and effective pieces. We will begin by reviewing basic sentence structure including parts of speech and punctuation, and then move through more complex sentence construction. Developing paragraphs and overall structure will be the goal. We will examine published pieces and observe how they effectively get their points across by identifying their audience and using rhetorical devices to do so. Genres to be analyzed include non-fiction newspaper articles, autobiographical essays, and short fiction pieces. Students will produce a short narrative work of their own by the end of the sessions after brainstorming and workshopping drafts. Excerpts from texts such as Stephen King’s On Writing may be read.

Ideal for rising high school students who need some coaching in the fundamentals of standard written English conventions in preparation for writing high school assignments or college personal statements. Many students have not studied grammar formally since middle school, yet the expectation in high school (and certainly in college) is that they will know the rules to successfully crafting an assignment, whether it’s a research paper or creative writing piece.

The course includes 10 hours of instruction in a small group setting.

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How to Conquer PreCalc

Students will be prepared for high school precalculus classes after reviewing related Algebra I and II and geometry/trigonometry concepts. Students will become acquainted with graphing calculator interface and learn how to maximize its use for conic section problems, as well as other programming features. We will look at coordinate geometry, linear functions and inequalities, the quadratic formula, as well as polygons. We will complete exercises and worksheets to reinforce the skills needed to be successful on questions related to these topics. We will also utilize free online tools that can be helpful when students encounter difficulties in these concepts and problems. Students will be encouraged to advocate for themselves in their upcoming math classes.

This course is intended for high school students who are entering into precalculus the next academic year and want to make sure they’ve mastered the fundamentals are good candidates for this course. It is 10 hours total, and we recommend that students have a Texas Instruments (TI) 83 or 84 Plus graphing calculator for this class.

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How to Prep for Physics

Desired Outcomes

This class will follow a two-tier structure to help students find their footing in Physics classes (at both the introductory and AP levels). Session One will help students understand how Physics is different from the other major sciences—Biology and Chemistry—found in the standard high school curriculum. We will review the primary skills that are needed and discuss how to develop them over the course of the year. Sessions Two, Three, and Four will focus on the content of Physics itself, including the major topics covered in traditional courses as well as how to best tackle challenging concepts.

This class is designed for anyone who has not taken Physics but soon will be. It will be especially useful for students who may struggle with the kind of Algebra and Precalculus found in Physics courses or who may be entering into a particularly demanding program and want a leg up. This class will help students hit the ground running and have a strong sense of what the road beyond will look like. Ideal to supplement with Physics tutoring as is desired through the year.

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How to Read Like a Pro in High School

Desired Outcomes

Students will learn how to read critically by examining texts as well as the context in which the piece was written. We will begin by examining academic textbooks and their structure, whether hard copies or online. We will analyze published articles as well as excerpts from fiction. We will also talk about how students can become more active readers by annotating, predicting, and dialoguing with the author. Students will be encouraged to build their vocabulary through exercises and games. The goal of this class is not necessarily to get students to read more quickly, although that may be a by-product of learning how to read more effectively.

Students who find themselves having to re-read texts because they did not comprehend them during the initial read-through may benefit from this course. Students who find they often miss the main ideas the teacher has identified in texts they’re reading as a class will find this class beneficial. This class will not make you love reading (there’s no magic pill for that) but it will make you get the biggest bang for your buck when you do spend time reading (which will be extensive in high school courses, especially those at the honors or AP level).

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How to Think Critically and Succeed in College

Desired Outcomes

We will go over different tasks related to thinking critically as well as the paradigm of higher order thinking skills. Students will watch lectures and read texts on metacognition to help them understand how their brain processes ideas. We will identify when rhetorical devices are being used, how to determine whether a source is credible, and how to engage in dialectical reasoning. Some TED Talks and lecture videos will be viewed. Excerpts from books like Make It Stick: the Science of Successful Learning (Brown, Peter C.; Roediger III, Henry L.; McDaniel, Mark A.) will be read and discussed. Daniel Pink’s lectures and texts and study hacks, like those Cal Newport outlines in his blog, will be presented.

This class is for college bound students who may need to refresh their critical thinking skills or those who would like to get a head start on reading/viewing/writing/discussing multi-media material at the college level. Students who like to debate may enjoy this class as we set parameters for logical thinking.

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SAT or ACT Prep

Students will learn strategies to improve their approach to standardized tests. This seven-week course includes 21 hours of classroom instruction and five private tutoring sessions. It includes all class materials and one test simulation. Students who tutor with us achieve an average increase of 4.45 points on their ACT score and 130 points on their SAT.

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Individual Tutoring

Get customized support for your student through one-on-one tutoring. Collegewise tutors will tailor lessons and homework for each student, including an individualized approach and targeted prep to achieve academic goals. Tutors are available for test prep and school subjects, including:

  • SAT, ACT, AP, ISEE, SSAT Tests
  • Subjects at all levels of instruction, including elementary school, middle school, high school, and college

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