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Great Schools for Supply Chain Programs

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By Ashley Meyer on August, 9 2022 | 6 minute read

Supply chains have become increasingly important given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is our list of great schools for supply chain programs.

My friend recently posted an Instagram story with a picture of the counter stools she bought online, along with the captain, “Happy one year anniversary of the order date of my stools that still have not arrived.” Have you been in a similar boat and tried to order a piece of furniture or electronics in the past year only to wait way longer than the 2 days you’d grown used to? The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact highlighted how supply chain management affects consumers of every shape and size–from the car industry’s lack of new vehicle inventory to the last time you tried to ring The Bell for a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

This topic runs deep in my family as two of my siblings touch the supply chain of very different industries: my sister supports supply chain technologies at a fast-food restaurant’s corporate headquarters and my brother works with material movement in a large nuclear security enterprise. Their jobs have in common that they are expected to move resources efficiently, but where did they learn the skills to help their companies do so?

Supply chain management programs in undergraduate business schools have grown rapidly in the past few years as companies grow more desperate for talent to fill their open job postings. Companies are looking for new employees who not only understand the greater business environment, but also bring specific experience with data analysis tools such as SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. Though many schools have popped up with supply chain management programs, I will highlight a few of the strongest today.

An interesting college ranking by Gartner came out recently that ranks universities from companies’ perspectives. These rankings essentially say to employers, “If you are looking for a university where you can find great talent, take a look at this list.” The universities from today’s post are on the Gartner list and hopefully will be on your college list soon!


University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Knoxville, Tennessee

Located in downtown Knoxville, the 3rd largest city in Tennessee, UT is the flagship public university for the state (and one of the few SEC schools located in a major city). School spirit is premium here as students “bleed orange” singing their #1 ranked fight song, “Rocky Top.” UT’s athletics are often the first contact point for prospective students, but the school’s academic programs are the real showstoppers. As the largest public university in the state, UT has an academic program for everyone. Not only are the traditional majors such as business, engineering, and psychology popular, but students can also dig into more niche programs, from plant genetics to sacred music.

Supply chain management at UT is housed within the Haslam College of Business and is one of the largest majors on campus. Students work toward a Bachelor of Science degree and can add on one of five concentrations in topics such as sales or international business. At UT, students will learn cutting-edge strategies in the supply chain as the college is home to the Global Supply Chain Institute, a hub for thought leadership and partnership between university faculty and companies. And, with support from Haslam career coaches, every student will graduate with a meaningful internship in the industry. The future is bright for UT’s supply chain graduates, as 100+ companies recruit on UT’s campus in field-specific career and networking events.


Marquette University

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While most supply chain programs are at large research universities, Marquette offers a leading program in a medium-sized Jesuit university. Located in downtown Milwaukee, Marquette students learn both in the classroom and through service to the community. Marquette’s service learning courses are among the most popular, as 1,000+ students serve throughout 130 community agencies each semester in academic courses. Marquette is part of the Big East athletic conference, and you can find the student body and returning alumni cheering on the Golden Eagle sports teams every winter on National Marquette Day.


Have you ever wondered if you’d be able to get a job when you graduate from college? Marquette’s supply chain program within the College of Business Administration has a 100% placement rate for graduates into full-time jobs (with an average salary of $65,000)! Marquette’s program stands out from others like it and reflects its setting in a Jesuit university by adding a focus on ethical decision-making in business. Courses offered cover the spectrum of supply chain needs, from project management to supply chain sustainability.



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Arizona State University

Tempe, Arizona

Arizona State is synonymous with innovation in higher education. They were one of the first universities to recognize that the traditional four-year degree may not work for every student, and they built an exceptional online presence to provide convenience for students. They offer something for everyone—from their 300 undergraduate programs that can be completed online to Barrett, their exceptional honors college that attracts high-achieving students from all over the world. At ASU, students aren’t held to one traditional campus for their undergraduate education. The original campus is in Tempe and has the largest on-campus enrollment. That’s also where the Sun Devil athletic teams compete in the Pac-12 conference. But beyond Tempe, there is so much to discover that the university created a quiz to help students figure out where to land. You want downtown city life? ASU’s Downtown Phoenix location is perfect. You want to live near a picturesque lake in a close-knit community? ASU at Lake Havasu would fit.


Arizona State’s Department of Supply Chain Management is located within the W.P. Carey School of Business. Their undergraduate program stands out with the intentional ease of double majoring. Most students have a second major in sustainability, but others choose to double up with majors in economics or computer information systems. And here’s another bonus: ASU’s School of Supply Chain Management is home to five different research labs that develop insights companies use to push their supply chains to be more efficient and sustainable.


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