The Collegewise Scholarship - Class of 2021

In 2018, we launched the Collegewise Scholarship Program to formally assist under-resourced students with their college application process. Together with their assigned Collegewise counselors, they built their college lists, worked on their essays, and presented their very best applications for admissions consideration. In 2019, more students from the class of 2020 joined the program. In addition to being admitted to a variety of schools, from the University of Chicago, Birmingham-Southern, and UC San Diego, to Hood College and Duke, five of those students became finalists for QuestBridge’s National College Match, a program that helps outstanding low-income high school seniors gain admission and full four-year scholarships to the nation’s most selective colleges.

The Collegewise Scholarship will allow low-income students to work one-on-one with one of our counselors, who will help you navigate the entire college selection and application process. From building your college list, helping identify summer activities, brainstorming and crafting your personal statement, all the way through the nuts and bolts of the college application process, your Collegewise counselor will be there for you.

The Collegewise Scholarship will be only accepting rising seniors in the class of 2021 that are United States citizens, permanent residents, or DACA/undocumented students attending a U.S. high school. If you have any questions while working on your application, please contact us at

The Priority Deadline for this application is June 15th. The earlier you submit, the better. We will evaluate any applications that come in after this deadline on a case-by-case basis.

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Students graduating in 2022 or later:
While we're currently only accepting applications from students in the class of 2021, you can sign up to receive updates on future scholarship cycles (and get plenty of free resources in the meantime). 

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Hear from our past scholarship recipients

“Noor truly became a friend—someone I could talk with about my interests as well as a great counselor to keep me
on-track. She made the college application as stress-free as possible and helped me achieve my dreams!”
Mariana Haro
Harvard University

“With Collegewise, it’s truly a partnership, and you have a great team working on your side! They know how to integrate and engage everyone with professionalism, attentiveness, and expertise. A lot goes into looking for the right college, and many factors must be taken into consideration: financial situation, student goals, etc. Judy's guidance played a huge role in getting our daughter accepted into eight colleges of her choice. It was evident she really cared. Infinite thanks to Collegewise and Judy!”

Samuel & Lorma Montano, Parents of Melissa Montano
Norwalk Community College

Having previously worked in college admissions, Matt Musico was an invaluable mentor to me and made the college process feel less daunting. Every time I walked into his office, Matt was always smiling. He went beyond his job description by investing himself not only in the process, but also in the student. He listened to me talk about my crazy water polo practice or general teenage worries, which can be hard considering how chatty I can be. But by getting to know me, he brought out my strengths and helped me focus on the things that stood out on my application instead of comparing myself to others. Every time I was flustered, Matt would send me the exact words that I needed to hear. He knew how to help me relax and take a deep breath. I trust his knowledge and was excited to share both the good and bad news with him. It was a pleasure to get to know such a kind, helpful, and reassuring counselor. Thank you, Matt!
Claudia Marmelo
Connecticut College

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