Maximizing School Breaks & Extracurricular Impact

Join us on Tuesday, November 14 at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST to discuss ways that students can maximize their time outside of the classroom and during winter and summer break!

About this Event

Just as there's no perfect high school schedule, there's no single extracurricular schedule that will stand out to an admissions committee. We'll help you and your teen answer the following questions:

  • How should students be spending their high school breaks?
  • Does attending a university's pre-college program really help students get in?
  • What programs (if any) are worth spending your money on?

Our extracurricular experts will be answering these questions (and more!), and you'll leave the webinar with clear steps to help your family craft a perfect schedule for school breaks!


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Your Speakers

Christopher Logan Headshot-3

Christopher Logan

College Counselor

Christopher is pretty good at winning. They’re a champion ballroom dancer, National Merit Scholar, and two-time recipient of Yale’s Light Fellowship. If we include high school, there are about a million debate trophies, Science Fair Awards, National History Day awards, and statewide essay competition victories added to the list. In their free time, Christopher goes to a competitive spin studio, where they’ve only met one person who can (sometimes) beat them. And did we mention they speak French, Spanish, and Korean?

Hanifa Abdul Sabur

Hanifa Abdul Sabur

College Counselor

Hanifa Abdul Sabur was inspired by her amazing journey as a student at Swarthmore College and Columbia University, and has spent over 15 years helping others to access and make the most of their own life-changing college experiences. Throughout her career, Hanifa has taught and counseled every kind of student, from high schoolers across the United States and in several countries, to Ivy League college students, to nurses struggling to balance schoolwork with saving lives during a pandemic. As an instructor and advisor at colleges like Columbia University and the George Washington University, as well as a college counselor for several years, Hanifa has helped over 1000 students accomplish their goals on their paths toward academic and career success. 

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