How to Help Your Child Succeed in 9th & 10th Grade

Join Ian (a former Master Tutor at The Princeton Review) and Karen, a long term (25+ years) education expert, on Tuesday, June 25 at 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET, to see what students can do in their freshman or sophomore years that makes them feel more confident and in control.

Starting students off in the right way has a hugely positive impact!

While high school seniors are already knee-deep in their college applications, what should 9th and 10th graders focus on as they gear up for the school year?

At Collegewise, we love to start working with students as early as their freshman year, as we have seen the difference between students who have a clear and well-articulated path and those who do not. The proactive students are more engaged, generally happier, and almost always have better admissions outcomes.

Join Ian (a former Master Tutor at The Princeton Review) and Karen, a long-term (25+ years) education expert, to learn how to set up this better journey.

In this webinar, you'll discover: 

  • An extensive freshman and sophomore year roadmap that highlights important dates and activity choices for students.
  • Some ideas for various paths that students can successfully navigate in High School and how those paths evolve.

Register now to learn how your student can effectively navigate their early high school years for college admissions success! 

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Your Speakers

Ian Parker Bubble Headshot

Ian Parker

Former Master Tutor, The Princeton Review & College Counselor &

Throughout his career as an educator and tutor, Ian has found that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to college. As a Master Tutor at The Princeton Review and instructor with the Fullerton and Long Beach school districts, he has discussed with families the value of conducting comprehensive analysis and collecting data to assess each student’s needs, goals, and interests when making academic decisions.

Karen Kimball Headshot Bubble

Karen Yeager Kimball

College Counselor

With over 25 years in education, Karen Yeager Kimball is known for helping students develop confidence in an academically rigorous environment. She finds joy in helping students position themselves well for college applications and in supporting their own discovery of just how great they are and what they have to offer a college environment.

About Collegewise

Since 1999, our team of 80+ counselors has dedicated their expertise to creating a worry-free, effortless college application process for students of all levels. 

Collegewise empowers students academically and relieves parents of their project management duties through our personalized counseling and tutoring programs. 

Say goodbye to application stress and welcome a new, streamlined experience with Collegewise. 

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