Get Into and Afford Your Dream College!

Join Collegewise and College Aid Pro on Wednesday, July 26 at 7:00 PM EDT to hear insights from the experts on finding the right college fit - and more importantly - how to pay for it!

About this Event

This joint seminar shares step-by-step advice for families on searching for and getting into their top college choices and then how to pay for it!

From how to estimate eligibility to what forms to fill out to when to file them. We’ll even address the role of scholarships, how to find them, and how to evaluate a student’s potential eligibility.

Don't miss out on this exclusive conversation with our team of experts who will set you on the right path for success!



Your Speakers


Christopher Logan

College Counselor

Christopher is pretty good at winning. They’re a champion ballroom dancer, National Merit Scholar, and two-time recipient of Yale’s Light Fellowship. If we include high school, there are about a million debate trophies, Science Fair Awards, National History Day awards, and statewide essay competition victories added to the list. In their free time, Christopher goes to a competitive spin studio, where they’ve only met one person who can (sometimes) beat them. And did we mention they speak French, Spanish, and Korean?

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Charlie Duffy

College Counselor

Nervous about making the right decisions during the college application process? Look no further than Charlie Duffy. Charlie has developed a wealth of counseling expertise working in higher education over the past decade. He began his journey working as an admission officer at several universities (including UCSD) before moving to the “other side of the desk” as the Associate Director of College Counseling at highly regarded private schools in Florida and California.

Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter

Co-founder, CRO College Aid Pro

In 2005, after realizing both he and his parents had made some major mistakes in navigating the college admissions and financial aid processes, Matt made it his mission to help other families avoid a similar fate.  Matt has successfully guided tens of thousands of families through the college financial aid maze, and has no plans of slowing down until his mission is fulfilled. He is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities within the College Funding niche and has been featured in such publications as the New York Times, US News, Forbes, ABC, FOX News, NBC, CBS & More!

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