Conquering UC Transfer Applications: Tips from Former UC Admissions Officers

Planning to transfer to a UC campus? Join former UC admissions officers on Thursday, March 28, at 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET to learn everything you need to know about the UC transfer application process! 

3 out of 4 transfer students who apply to UC get in!

With over 39,000 UC transfer applications in 2023 and an attractive 70% admit rate for all student-transfers, many students are drawn to this seemingly more promising avenue. 


Let former UC admissions officers from UCLA and UCSD, Joel and Margo, guide you through the intricacies of the UC transfer admission process and identify how students transferring from community colleges can stay successful.


In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • A breakdown of UC transfer application timelines.
  • Insights on transferring from different schools: California vs. out-of-state community colleges. 
  • How a student's college major can impact their UC transfer admissions process.


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Your Speakers

Margo Macready Bubble Headshot

Margo Macready

Former UCSD Admissions Officer & Collegewise Counselor

Margo Macready fell in love with college admissions as a tour guide at the University of Redlands. She decided to turn that passion into a career and never looked back. She served as an Assistant Director of Admissions at her alma mater and as an Admissions Officer at University of California San Diego. While at UCSD, she trained and managed a team of 30 evaluators for freshman application review. Margo’s worked with students across the globe and has read nearly 20,000 applications, including freshman, transfer, and international files. She channels her experience with a liberal arts college and a research institution to help students find a great college fit. 

Joel Ontiveros Bubble Headshot

Joel Ontiveros

Former UCLA Assistant Director of Admission & Collegewise Counselor

Joel Ontiveros has been reading UC applications for eight years. He attended UCLA and got his first job out of college working as an Admissions Officer and then as an Assistant Director for his alma mater. Eventually he joined the Banana Slugs at UC Santa Cruz where he worked as a Regional Admissions Representative and primarily recruited out of state. Joel was pleasantly surprised to find out that UCLA (the most applied to university in the country) actually has humans read every application at least twice. He believes in the transformative power of the UC system - even with all its quirks and issues. 

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