College Research Crash Course

Join us on Monday, March 4 at 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET to hear how students can narrow down a list of colleges that best fit their goals, budget, and academic aspirations.


In-state, out-of-state, liberal arts, Ivy League? How will your teen pick the right college for them?

With numerous types of colleges available - It’s no wonder most students feel overwhelmed by the research necessary to find the right school.

Join us as our experts share their top tips on conducting college research and how to help teens solidify a list of schools effectively.

By the end of the session, we'll cover:

  • Factors to consider when conducting college research.
  • A breakdown of how to maximize college visits.
  • A guide to creating a balanced college list that includes likely, target, and reach schools.

Put your family at ease with the knowledge and advice you need to pave a successful college search journey. Register today!

College Research

Your Speakers

Allison Lopour Headshot Bubble

Allison Lopour

Executive Director of Talent & Master Collegewise Counselor

Since joining Collegewise in 2007, Allison has personally helped over 500 students find and apply to the right colleges. She is also the Executive Director of Talent at Collegewise, a Collegewise Master Counselor who trains new hires, and a certified Taylor Swift fanatic (the real kind, not the kind who just says that as a cheap ploy to connect with teenage students).

A 2005 graduate of the University of Redlands where she studied English and creative writing while working as a barista at Starbucks, Allison spent two years as a University of Redlands admissions officer and personally reviewed over 1,000 college applications. When she’s not counseling, Allison enjoys watching bad TV, crafting, and spending time with her husband and their daughter, who is already being groomed to become president of the Taylor Swift Fan Club one day.

Anita Gajula Headshot Bubble

Anita Gajula

Former University of Chicago Academic Advisor & Collegewise Counselor

Anita Gajula has spent her entire career in service of students—as a student affairs professional at Macalester, as an academic advisor at U Chicago, as a College Admissions Advisor both in her own practice and in other firms, and now as a Collegewise counselor and helps students through the college admissions process. Anita earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Williams College and went on to earn her master’s in student affairs and academic support at the University of Michigan. Anita has a knack for building relationships quickly and making seemingly unrelated connections between people and ideas, which comes in quite handy when she’s helping students identify and apply to their best-fit schools.

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