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7 Benefits of Using a College Admissions Platform

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By Vanessa Daves-Poarch on March, 23 2021 | 4 minute read

Applying to college can be stressful. There are a lot of elements that require careful attention, and a lot of tasks on that ever-growing application to-do list. Organization is essential—but we know it’s not always easy.

Keeping track of all the moving parts within an application and deadlines for each college is a common challenge students face. And it’s that very challenge that sparked the creation of Wise(r)net, Collegewise’s proprietary college admissions software. But this platform does more than cure unnecessary application stress. Read on to learn how using a platform (like Wisernet) will benefit your student—and make the college admissions experience a whole lot better!


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1. Everyone can easily connect through one platform.

Wise(r)net is a single, unifying virtual space where parents, students, tutors and counselors can connect to view admissions progress in real time. You’re all on the same page—literally—when it comes to communication, research, and admissions-related assignments.



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2. It simplifies college research and list-building.

Thorough college research lays the foundation for a smart application process. Our software gives students easy access to college-specific details that lead to thoughtful list-building, including an overview of majors offered, admission selectivity, essay requirements, average test scores, videos, and activities.



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3. You can access all of your college application information on the same platform.

Trying to keep all your student’s high school and important “college stuff” in one place, but it’s getting a little complicated? Think of Wise(r)net as your virtual filing cabinet where there’s a place for everything from individual applications and essays to personal stats like test scores, grades and course plans.



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4. Parents can easily track their student’s progress.

Wise(r)net makes it easy for parents to see where their student is in the application process. With frequent counselor updates, the software provides a clear view of a student’s admissions roadmap so that parents can track progress and celebrate each small success.



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5. You’ll unlock exclusive college admissions data.

It’s all in the details (and the data). With Wise(r)net, families can access exclusive internal stats on admissions decisions by institution and relevant details about the profile of each applicant, which can help you evaluate your student’s admissibility to each institution on their list.



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6. You can connect it to your phone or email for streamlined communication.

Families who use Wise(r)net have a direct line to their counselor. By connecting your phone or email to Wise(r)net, students and parents will receive message alerts so they don't miss any important communication between meetings. 



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7. You’ll gain access to expert advice through curated resources.

Our platform gives families access to carefully curated video content to watch ahead of meetings, exclusive webinars, and parent newsletters. It also hosts information central to managing the application process as well as cutting-edge admissions content from our dozens of experts.


College Admissions Software Provides a Competitive Advantage

Applying to college is an increasingly nuanced process. Navigating websites, storing application-specific documents, and knowing where to get smart admissions content and personalized advice shouldn’t be part of that stress. Wisernet streamlines, simplifies, and organizes the admissions process, giving Collegewise students and families a competitive advantage – and an easier way to apply to college.


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About Us: With more than twenty years of experience, Collegewise counselors and tutors are at the forefront of the ever-evolving admissions landscape. Our work has always centered on you: the student. And just like we’ve always done, we look for ways for you to be your best self - whether it’s in the classroom, in your applications or in the right-fit college environment. Our range of tools include counselingtest prepacademic tutoring, and essay management, all with the support of our proprietary platform, leading to a 4x higher than average admissions rates. 


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