A Beginner's Guide to College Admissions

Synopsys employees - join Collegewise on Tuesday, May 21 at 12:00 PM PDT to hear how parents can be the support system their teen needs during high school leading up to the college admissions process. 

About this Event

Synopsys employees - join Collegewise counselors Tom Barry and Ali Springer for this exclusive webinar where they will guide you through every step of the college admissions journey.

As a parent of a teen, you have a lot of questions about the college admissions process, and Collegewise is here to help! In this webinar, we'll guide you through everything from how your child can make the most of their high school experience to research colleges and ultimately craft their best application, so you can stay stress-free through the process!

What you'll learn:


  • What admissions officers value in applications
  • How to build a successful academic foundation in high school
  • How to supercharge the summer and winter breaks
  • The value of extracurricular activities
  • How to unlock the power of a personal narrative for college essays

    We are looking forward to helping you all at this private and live event!

Your Speakers

Tom Barry Headshot Bubble

Tom Barry

Collegewise Counselor

Tom served for four years as an assistant director of admissions at his alma mater, Colorado College, home of the beloved Block Plan where students plunge into one course at a time for three-and-a-half weeks before moving on to a new subject. After earning a master’s degree in international education administration from Stanford, Tom worked as a global programs manager for the African Leadership Academy before migrating to the Pacific Northwest to join Collegewise in June 2014. A budding master chef who can flip food in a pan with only the rare catastrophic floor drop, Tom won first place in the “Took a Risk and Totally Nailed It” category of a recent pie baking competition for his original creation, The Burrito Pie. When he’s not counseling or cooking, Tom enjoys traveling, spending time in the great outdoors, and writing the occasional product review for USA Triathlon Magazine

Ali Springer Headshot Bubble

Ali Springer

Collegewise Counselor

A career-long educator, Ali has spent the last fifteen years helping students on their educational journeys. She served as an Associate Director of Admission at Colorado College, her alma mater, for eight years, where she read thousands of applications, interviewed hundreds of students, and trained the admissions staff on how to identify strong applicants. She worked as an academic advisor while earning her master’s in Higher Education and Student Development, so she also brings the lens of college course selection and academic planning. Ali loves getting to know students throughout the admission process by asking thoughtful questions to encourage self-reflection. During the college research process, she’s incredibly adept at guiding students in procuring data and utilizing critical research skills to connect their passions and interests to the universities and their communities. Ali is a big believer in the power of community, and one way that she has recently connected with the place she calls home in the Rocky Mountains was by buying a good pair of hiking boots to explore more of the state. In the last two years Ali has climbed 18 peaks over 14,000 feet!

About Collegewise

Since 1999, our team of 80+ counselors has dedicated their expertise to creating a worry-free, effortless college application process for students of all levels. 

Collegewise empowers students academically and relieves parents of their project management duties through our personalized counseling and tutoring programs. 

Say goodbye to application stress and welcome a new, streamlined experience with Collegewise. 

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