Join us for our summer webinar series!

This summer, we’ve brought our best and brightest to present on the topics they know inside and out. We’re calling it Get Wiser: The Summer Series.

We thought about what questions families have after the year that was, what stress remains, and how we could help cut through the noise. And that’s what this series is built to do: deliver our smartest advice, with our most dynamic presenters, to anyone eager to learn. You’ll walk away with questions answered, but, if we’ve done our job, you’ll also walk away with a new outlook. At the end of each session, you should feel better – dare we say, wiser – than you did before. We hope you’ll join us.

The Summer Series: The 2021 Admissions UpdateTuesday July 13th at 5pm PT/8pm ET
Who’s presenting? Paul Kanarek and Arun Ponnusamy, two of the most knowledgeable people at Collegewise (if we’re getting fancy, Arun is our Chief Academic Officer, and Paul is a Board Member). We won’t even count how many combined years these two have at this point. But with a track record that includes co-founding The Princeton Review-California, working in admission at U Chicago, Caltech, and UCLA, and being asked to speak at hundreds of high schools over the last 30 years, these guys know their stuff.
What’s it about? This past year was (yep, we’re going to use that word) unprecedented. But it also revealed some admission truths always lingering beneath the surface. Things like how much standardized testing mattered (for many schools, it never really did), or why initiative and curiosity have always gone a long way. This year also reminded us how human this admission process is. So, we’ve brought together two of our savviest humans, Paul and Arun, to talk about those changes. What changed in admission in the last year, and what didn’t? Will everything “go back to normal” or are things like test optional here to stay? You’ll walk away with a clear sense of “what just happened?” and a better idea of what’s to come (you’ll also walk away with at least a few puns and joke attempts, knowing these two).
Who’s it for? Anyone unsure about the road ahead in college admission & what this means for you (students, parents, counselors, all welcome!).


The Summer Series: Seniors, Put Your Best App ForwardTuesday, July 27th at 5pm PT/8pm ET
Who’s presenting? Tom Barry and Liz Pack. I’m pretty sure if you looked up the phrase “wonderfully charismatic,” these two would be the definition. Tom and Liz have counseled hundreds of students in their 12+ combined years at Collegewise, and with their experiences in admission and student affairs, they’re as knowledgeable as they are fun-loving. You want these two in your corner.
What’s it about? August is a busy time here at Collegewise. Seniors are working through supplemental essays, opening applications, and checking off to dos before the school year picks up. For many students, it can feel hard to know where to start. What’s most important, and when do you do it? Tom and Liz will walk through what’s essential, where to devote energy, and where your energy is best applied in the coming months.
Who’s it for? Rising seniors and their families.


The Summer Series: How to Write a Great College EssayAugust 10th, 5pm PT/8pm ET
Who’s presenting? Well, it’s hard to imagine Kevin needs an introduction, but here goes. Kevin founded Collegewise back in 1999, and he’s been counseling, guiding, and teaching ever since. He literally created the playbook for all things counseling here at Collegewise (and frankly, through his 10-year blog Wise Like Us, taught thousands in this profession), and his approach to essays is core to it. You don’t want to miss this one.
What’s it about? We're fairly certain the title here gives this one away (this is about the college essay). But what students don’t often realize is that great essays can happen to all sorts of kids – no matter your life experiences or your writing abilities. And let’s be clear: a great essay isn’t the reason students get into college (no matter what TikTok might say). But it can help a counselor get to know the person behind the application. The problem is that most students fixate too much on sounding fancy that they get in their own way. Kevin will share why it’s actually a bad idea to try to impress someone in your essay, how to choose the right topic for you, and then how to write it well.
Who’s it for? Rising seniors, their families, and anyone curious about how to write a great college essay.


The Summer Series: UC Application: Everything You Need to KnowAugust 17th, 6 PT/9pm ET
Who’s presenting? Nicole Pilar and Tara Wessel Swoboda. Internally at Collegewise, Nicole and Tara are known as walking UC encyclopedias. Based in California, these two have counseled hundreds of students through the UC application, present regularly at conferences, field UC questions from other counselors, and regularly nerd out about all things University of California. They’re voracious learners and teachers of the UC system, so who better to share their nerdy wisdom with the masses.
What’s it about? The University of California fields more application than any other university in the country. It has its own application platform, its own approach to essays (known as Personal Insight Questions or PIQs), and its own sometimes-complicated rules on how they admit and read files. With their signature fast-talking, no-nonsense approach, Nicole and Tara will share why it’s smart to approach the PIQs differently than other essays, what the UC is looking for when they read your file (and yes, they really do read them), and how to approach your application because of it. This webinar will be a firehouse of information (sprinkled with their signature exuberant delivery), but we promise, it’ll be a fun one.
Who’s it for? Anyone considering applying to the UC system, as well as those who support students (parents, counselors).


As a reminder, our webinars are free, but space is limited. The good news is that if you can't make it live, a recording of all webinars will be available to all registrants for up to two weeks after the event. We hope to see you at one of the following webinars!