The Freedom of College

By Kevin McMullin

The Freedom of College

When we ask Collegewise students what excites them most about college, “The freedom” is one of the most common answers. And I’ve found with most kids that this isn’t code for “The freedom to act irresponsibly and do whatever I want all the time.” For most, it’s the freedom from the imposed structure, the lack of choice, and frankly, the pressure that’s become so common for today’s high school students.

I love that the pending freedom excites these kids, especially when they also start considering—not over-planning, just considering—what exactly they plan to do with that freedom once they have it.

You’ll have the freedom to make choices. It’s hard to find that freedom at age 17 when you’re in school six hours a day, then participating in after-school activities, doing homework, being tutored, doing test prep, etc. But college isn’t going to be like that. Even if you’re a student who works in college or plays a college sport or otherwise commits yourself to something important, chances are good you will have abundantly more choices available to you in college.

You’ll be free to learn just about any subject that interests you. And depending on your college and your course of study, those choices won’t be limited to what’s available as part of your major.

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