Much Wiser Now: Meet Collegewise Alumni & Counselor Liz Pack

By Collegewise


Welcome to Much Wiser Now—a monthly digest spotlighting our amazing Collegewise counselors through the eyes (and words) of their stand-out Collegewise alums. 
This month, we’re featuring Liz PackLiz was busy last year, working with nearly 40 seniors, and all of them went on to their best-fit schools, had amazing experiences, and are “Much Wiser Now” because of their time with Collegewise. But don’t take our word for it…

"Without Liz, I would've been extremely lost and overwhelmed by the whole college application process," says Alexa Adrian, now a student at Texas A&M. "With her help, applying to colleges was significantly less stressful...she helped me plan and organize...and the focus was about content rather than the schedule."

Like Alexa, Julia Marza—now a student at her dream school, The University of Texas at Austin—felt very concerned about the admissions process until she started working with Liz.

“I began my senior year of high school insecure and unfamiliar with the college application process, but as soon as I had my first meeting with Liz, all of those insecurities went away, and we got straight to work on my applications. From creating my resume and editing my essays to submitting the applications Liz was a huge help!”

And the “Liz Love” doesn’t stop there. Rachel Williams, a current student UC Berkeley, really loved being able to ask questions of someone like Liz, who has strong, previous experience in admissions.

“It was so reassuring and comforting to have someone with Liz’s background to talk to about everything…from asking a teacher for rec letters, to the order of activities on my resume, to clicking send on my application…I don't think I would have been able to narrow my college choices or write my essays without Liz!”

When Sarah Kubasik decided very suddenly to go to grad school, she thought for sure it was just too late to apply. But that didn't deter Liz! She guided Sarah through the process without blinking:

“Even though I was a little late to decide,” says Sarah, now a current student at NYU, “Liz wasn’t discouraged. She made time for me the very next day and we got the ball rolling on my essay. Even with (what some might say) an impossibly short deadline, Liz made it work. She answered my emails promptly, and we got my essay turned around and up to submission standards in time for my deadline!”

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