Much Wiser Now: Meet Collegewise Alumni & Counselor Breanne Boyle

By Collegewise


Welcome to Much Wiser Now—a monthly digest spotlighting our amazing Collegewise counselors through the eyes (and words) of their stand-out Collegewise alums. 
This month, we’re featuring Breanne Boyle, one of our Collegewise Master Counselors. (Sound prestigious? It is!) Breanne was busy last year, working with nearly 40 seniors, and all of them went on to their best-fit schools, had amazing experiences, and are “Much Wiser Now” because of their time with Collegewise. But don’t take our word for it…


"I never wanted to leave California," says Kali Yonowitz, who is now a proud student at University of Maryland, College Park. 

"Breanne encouraged me to view other options and expand my horizons...she really helped me break through my wall of fear regarding leaving home. With Breanne's help, I thoroughly researched schools based on my interests and potential we created handy activities resume (which I ended up also using for many other things besides college apps)! I would 150% recommend Collegewise."

Harrison Vandervort, who was accepted to UC Santa Barbara, says at first he thought the college admissions process was going to be tedious and stressful. Not with Breanne's help, however. 

"When I first met with Breanne, she made the admissions experience more of an easy, confidence-building plan (less of a tedious process)! She reassured me that Collegewise would help me so that I would not drown while trying to finish senior year. She greeted me every day with blooming excitement and joy to see me succeed...and with her attitude and guidance, I surely did!"

When Garrett Godber looks back, the Indiana University student reflects that it was Breanne's honesty and "straight talk" that really made the difference for him.

Breanne was never afraid to tell it like it is, and that was something I needed. She was always so encouraging but honest. I couldn't have asked for a better counselor, and I recommended Breanne to all of my friends."

When Trevor Jones first came to Breanne, the current student at University of Wisconsin-Madison had Early Action applications on his mind...and Collegewise provided him with a concrete plan.

“Thanks to Collegewise, I was given a scheduled approach to completing all 12 of my applications, which made the college application process much less stressful and allowed me to apply under Early Action...the Collegewise experience was extremely positive and rewarding!

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