Keep the Collegiate Faith

By Kevin McMullin


For seniors who applied to college via an early application program, the arrival of your admission decision(s) this month will likely feel like anything but just another day. There is so much pressure and drama inserted into these announcements, it’s difficult to maintain your perspective no matter how grounded you and your family may be.

If you get the news you were hoping for, congratulations. As much as I try to remind people that it’s a mistake to treat any admissions decision as a measure of your success or failure as a student (and even less so as a person), you certainly deserve to feel proud, relieved, and excited about this news. Celebrate with your family. Be grateful for your circumstance. Start envisioning yourself in college, because you’ve just received confirmation of that outcome, even if you applied in a non-binding program and intend to wait for your future acceptances before accepting an offer.

But if your news was not so bright, I hope you’ll read and embrace this when you’re ready.

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